Sponsorship Agreement

For the claims management project named The Trucks Cartel in English and Kartellsaken in Norwegian.

Hundreds of thousands of trucks are affected by the illegal price fixing of the trucks cartel.
Tens of thousands of businesses have valid claims for compensation.
Help us help those affected, by joining the claim as a sponsor!

On 19 July 2016, the European Commission announced a settlement decision against Daimler, Volvo, Iveco, MAN and DAF in which it found that they coordinated the pricing of trucks over a 14-year period between 1997 and 2011. The fines imposed in relation to the cartel are record-breaking, altogether reaching over 3.5 billion euro.

Thousands of companies all over the world are now taking action, claiming compensation for paying far too much for trucks bought in this period. The cartel affected a significant percentage of the 600,000 haulers operating in Europe, mostly small businesses, as well as companies or corporate groups with their own fleets.

Any business affected, has the right to claim compensation due to the price fixing, together with the interest since the date of purchase.

Through the services The Trucks Cartel (www.thetruckscartel.com) and Kartellsaken (www.kartellsaken.no), we help businesses claim their rightful compensation.

Why sponsors?

The participants of the claim only pay EUR 98 / NOK 980 per truck when signing up. In addition to this, there is a success fee of 30% of the compensation. In return for this, they will enjoy the whole process of the building of a large and strong group, the follow-up throughout the lifetime of the claim, and of course the claims process itself.

When the case wins, which we think it will, the participants will receive 70% of the compensation. The remaining 30% of the compensation is the success fee, and goes to the project and those who assisted in the work.

As all claims management processes are expensive, sponsors are allowed to contribute, in return of a share of the success fee. The sponsorship funds will be used to gather more participants and to strengthen the entire claims process.

Even though the trucks manufacturers have already been sentenced to pay billions, there is no guarantee of winning. The sponsors are risking the amount they choose to contribute with.

As the reward should always be fair in relation to the risk, each sponsor will receive a payout of 5 times his contribution, given certain conditions:

Sponsorship Terms

You may join the project as a sponsor. The following terms apply for all sponsors:

  • The total sponsored amount, from all sponsors combined, will be no more than EUR 250,000.
  • Each sponsor must contribute with at least EUR 1,000.
  • Each sponsor will be rewarded with a share of the success fee.
  • The success fee for this claims management project is 30% of the compensations.
  • 50% of the success fee will be allocated to pay the sponsors, until they are all paid 5 times their contribution.
  • Thus, a EUR 10,000 contribution will give a EUR 50,000 payout, if the claim is a success and the success fee totals at least 10 times the sponsored amount.

Who can join the claim?

Trucks purchased or leased in the period 1997-2014 can be registered in the claims process, as long as the purchase price was at least EUR 35.000. The price fixing added up to 20% to the price.

If one participant registers 10 trucks and the average purchasing price was EUR 35.000, and we don’t take into account the interest for the period from the purchasing date and until now, this could be the result:

Purchase price: EUR 350.000. Compensation: 10% = EUR 35.000. Success fee: EUR 10.500. Allocated to investors: EUR 5.250.

To visit the websites for the project:
The Trucks Cartel: www.thetruckscartel.com.
Kartellsaken: www.kartellsaken.no

Withdrawal of the offer

This offer may be withdrawn at any time, when there is no longer a want for more contributions from sponsors.
After the offer of sponsorship is withdrawn, new sponsors will not be allowed to register.